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Most visionaries and business owners that I know are chomping at the bit to try and improve their businesses.

That’s smart…dissatisfaction drives innovation. However, it can be pretty hard to find the right place to start.

How do you decide which of the hundreds of thousands of systems in your business to improve?

The answer is not to start with whatever is the most broken. It’s to begin with whichever system has the most potential. And the system with the most potential in your business may already be the system that’s giving you the best results.

We often have blind spots when it comes to what we’re good at. It seems only natural for us, so we undervalue it. We take ourselves for granted.

It’s better to strengthen what you’re already good at than try and fix what you’re not … because your behaviour has demonstrated that you value the strength more than the weakness. The same is true in business. Most of our untapped potential lies in what we’re already good at.

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