How to be a Great Number One (or an Awesome Number Two) • An Interview with Brady Patterson

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There are far too many entrepreneurs trying to be a number one when they’re really best suited to be a number two.

I know because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen all of these smart, hard-working, deeply caring folks ruin their lives by trying to run a business they simply don’t have the values to run.

It’s not that they’re bad business owners. But being a leader and visionary requires a certain set of values. If you lack those values, you’ll never be able to significantly scale a business.

It would serve those people to find a really great number one to work for while they play the role of number two, running the operations and the day-to-day while the CEO absorbs all the risk.

Please, take Brady’s advice seriously. Do some self-reflection.

Are you a true number one? Or are you a number two in denial?

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