Grow Your Tribe on Social Media by Starting a Show • An Interview with Paul Hoffman

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The best use of Facebook ads is to deliver massive value.

That isn’t done by distributing e-books, webinars, or social media challenges. It’s done by starting a show where you can entertain, inform, and/or educate the people in the market you love to serve. It’s done by helping those people without any expectation for them to give you anything back.

How does one make money, then?

Inevitably, if you get your avatar right, some of those people who’ve seen your show will want to know more about you and what you do. Those are the people you re-target. By structuring your re-targeting to people who have expressed interest in you through their behaviour (by watching a certain amount of your videos) you’ll be able to get cheaper conversions than if you distributed those same offers to cold traffic.

Not only are you serving people by producing a cool show and paying to distribute it, but you’re serving the people who have expressed interest in you by giving them an offer.

(Note that I’m not against conversion ads to cold traffic, but in the long-term, this re-targeting strategy is a much smarter play).

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