How to Get Customers Using YouTube Pre-roll Ads • An Interview with Dr. Steve G. Jones

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If you have customers with active needs, you can make a killing by taking advantage of YouTube pre-roll advertising.

As I explain in the video, Facebook advertising is great. But the majority of people on Facebook aren’t there because they’re trying to solve a problem. Facebook is great for those of us who have customers with passive needs: they need to be made aware of their problem before they’ll seek a solution. They won’t take action until you prompt them.

However, if you’re like Dr. Steve, you have customers with active needs. These are people who are acutely aware of the issue they have, and are actively searching for a solution.

And where are they searching? Probably one of the two biggest search engines on the planet: Google and YouTube.

Here’s what you need to do: take every issue that you solve, and reverse-engineer that into a search query someone with that problem would be likely to enter. Think of as many of them as you can before you move onto the next problem. Really dig deep: what are all the possible paths someone with this problem would go down? What other solutions would they try? What would they search for that they THINK would solve their problem, and why is what you offer better?

Got it? Then, all you need to do is take that list of queries and tell Google to show YouTube ads (featuring you, of course) to all the people who have made those search queries. Those ads will then show up as that person browses YouTube. And the big advantage this strategy has over pay-per-click is that they don’t need to have made the specific query for your video ad to show up. Google knows that they’ve made the search, and they use that to determine whether to show your video.

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