The Legend of the Live Stream Workshop

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Production value sells.

If you’ve got a high-ticket event, funnel, or mastermind, you’re not going to attract much attention filming a webinar in your basement with poor lighting and crackling audio. At best, you’re going to get tire-kickers, and at worst you’re going to get nobody.

But what if you took that same webinar and kicked it up a few hundred notches? What if, instead of filming in your basement, you were filming in a studio… that just happened to be in your basement?

A Live Stream Workshop is a television-level broadcast designed to do three things: wow your audience with massive production value, deliver them the most valuable content they’ve ever seen, and then knock’em dead with an irresistible offer.

And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Find out how on this week’s episode of Incremental Progress.

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