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It’s been too long, everyone. How are you? Kids are good? Still getting out to walk the dog? Know much about marketing?

Luckily for you, I gave a talk recently explaining the basics of marketing. Simply put, any marketing done without knowledge of human behaviour will fail. Marketing is, at its core, communication between you and your prospective clients…and without knowing why people do what they do, how can you effectively communicate with them?

Human behaviour is obviously a complicated subject, but there’s a relatively simple entry point: values. If you understand what values are, and how they drive the behaviour of everyone and anyone on the planet, you’ll get a greater understanding of how to tell stories that connect you with your clients.

So grab your ruler, sharpen your pencil, and buy me an apple. School’s in session.

By the way, come back after you’re done watching this and tell me which value appeared for you in each category. Leave a comment below!

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